Monday, August 23, 2010

Journal Entries

So last night as me and my Hubby sit down to do somehome work I stumble upon some old journals. Now of course these old journals consisted of about one or two entries from 2001 when I was Eleven years old. Then it jumped to about 2003 and then had a few from 2004. I began reading all these wonderful memories aloud about old fights with friends on MSN Messenger and how I chewed out Chelsea Devries for kissing my friend Kierstin Wood's boyfriend. I had actually printed out the conversation and stapled the many pages of my mean words and sealed them in my journal. I came across a picture of my dog as a puppy and Jr. High graduation. It blows my mind how far we have come as friends and who I have lost touch with.
It wasn't until I came across June of 2009, when me and Devin began getting serious, that he pulled his little head up from the computer to listen to my beloved Journals. The words I wrote were shocking. . . . And I quote directly from the journal:
"So it has been about a month that I have been dating Devin Mark Reid. Tonight I told him I Loved him. . .Psycho I know! I cannot believe how bad I have fallen for this kid!"
At one point I referred myself as: "Alexis Reid" Ironic!
"I am nannying for my sister so he came out & helped with the kids for a while. Shoot seeing him with little kids makes me want him that much more! This kid is my DREAM boy!"
"ooo and tonight when he walked me to the door step he did the pull-back kiss and I absolutely Loved it!!! He is MY MAN!"
"I feel like I have known Devin forever and I know its only been like a month & a half. I am a little freaked out not gonna lie?! I would be a wife & I would cook & clean and pay my own bills and Devin seems so calm and I'm so scared. . . I trust him"
"He is so perfect for me I can't believe it. And I have never been more happy in all my life! I feel perfectly happy & comfortable in his arms! And he plays with my hair! Always a good sign!"
Now keep in mind throughout all of these pages I included detail and illustrations! It was a great run down memory lane for us and I can't believe it has almost already been a year! I love my husband and still can't believe he is mine for eternity. Everyday he tells me he loves me atleast ten times. He never lets me forget!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Humble Abode

The newest addition to the Home!

Our Dining Table and Chairs we decided to paint

My Two cute neices and the braids I put in their hair!

Button Bracelets! Our Craft up camping

Heber Valley Camp The Venables way of "Roughing It"

This week The Venable side of the Family took a trip to Heber Valley camp. Man was it Amazing! I can't believe how much my family has grown, all because 2 people fell in love. And then a few more few people fell in love and *Voila you have nine grandchildren and no one living at home. Tara and Shane have moved their family to Vegas. The day they left I didn't stop crying for hours. I miss my littel stinkers Andi, Brock, and Cam. Maybe that means I should start having kids?! The trip to Heber consisted of some challenge courses, volleyball, a craft for the ladies, a big foot drawing contest (which we won), and a ......
Night Hike.
Terrible idea of mine to take all the kidlets on 30 minute hike straight up a mountain with Wild life all around just lurking. Ellee tripped about 8 times almost breaking her ankle and our flashlights were at minimum making everybody feel a litte bit anxious and antsy.
Luke lost his shoe so Dev and I had to turn back all alone! Dev was nervous, but we made it out alive.
I love our family and couldn't have asked for anything or anyone better!
We are so Blessed!!!

Lexi Has Been Kidnapped!

One crazy day Dev and I came home to get ready to head to his Brother Jesse's house. He ran inside to shower while I went to the garage to sand our tables and chairs we have been working on. As I open the garage, across the street a man comes walking by to pick up his mail, cute little Mexican man that seemed very friendly. Sure enough he comes over and starts complimenting my work and says, "I'm going to send my wife over she loves this kind of stuff". Five minutes later Mrs. Puente comes to visit me in the garage and as we exchange conversation she mentions that she has been working on some chairs as well and invites me to come see them. Mrs. Puente and I walk down about four houses and cross the street to her town house. I ask her who she is renting from and sure enough it's Terry Venable, Mi Padre. This sparks conversation and she tells me I look just like him, what a compliment. She takes me through her beautiful home and out to her back patio where she has these beautiful chairs that she tells me about. About five minutes pass and I figure Devin might be done showering by now so I say my goodbyes and head back to my garage, again four houses down and across the street. Devin hasn't come out so I continue to work until I hear a car coming. I pause what I'm doing and look across the street to where Devin's car used to be parked and is now absent. I poke my head out the garage and see Devin with his head out the window, pale white eyes like a dear in the headlights. He zooms up to me and says, "Where the Freak have you been?" I immediately begin to laugh as Devin tells me he has been completely distraught and worried. He is freaking out so I hurry and run to the garage and shut it as we head to Wendy's to pick up some dinner. I jump in the car chuckling and Dev has tears streaming down his face. He throws his phone at me and says, "It's not funny, call your parents they're worried too." ha ha ha in a matter of about twenty minutes my poor worried husband about called the cops thinking I had been kidnapped. Then when we had pulled up to Wendy's he was too chocked up to order so I did it for him. Man my hubby cares about me. . . ha ha

Cabin Fever

My Car hit 66,666 miles


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Look out Uncle Devin he probably peed his pants on the way up,because you through him so high!

Grandma C-C dancin her heart out and lookin like a Goober doing it!

All the Chica's lookin fine on our day of freedom! AKA shopping and spending big Bucks!

These Damn kids almost gave us a Heart attack on these Petrified Dunes!

The Whole Fam Damily minus Bishop Judd the Dudd!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The ER and St. Jorge!

This past week Dev and I got the opportunity to go to St. GEEEorge with the Venable side of the fam. It was busier than we expected, every waking moment we were hanging out with the little Kidlets at the pool, tennis courts, parks, and pickle ball stadium ;)! Pickle Ball= the newest addition to the tennis family with correlation to ping pong. AKA my new favorite sporting event. As we faced up with the elderly down in St. GEEorge Dev and I had sweat bands and sweat already coating them. The old lady looked in her 80's and the young man facing Dev looked about 95. As the final serve was given by the opposing team with a tied score and for the win, I lunged forward returned the serve in the upper right hand corner of the old ladies square. She darted with a sharp eye and sliced it back. Dev stepping forward slammed the ball right back in her face, thinking he was oh so whitty. Little did I know at that moment I would be overtaken by sharp stomach pains. Uncontrollable sharp pains entered just below my abdomen as I dove for the ball. . . . SLAM my head hit the court and the ball did not hit my paddle. We had lost to the elderly . . . Failed really. You find this hard to believe?! Well . . . good because its all a lie! Pickle ball is my new favorite sport, but unfortunately I wound up in the ER by simple throwing up and my extreme case of pussyitis! Dev has a light stomach and couldn't handle my whining so he and my Mother dearest ran me to the hospital, but wait, we're in St. GEEorge, we don't know where the hospital is? Good thing we saw a cop about to pull us over on the side of the rode. Dev quickly rolled down his window and asked the cop, "Excuse me sir, where is the nearest IHC." HMM. . . maybe you should use EMERGENCY ROOM dev he might actually be urgent, as I sat in the passenger seat ready to hurl everywhere. Soon enough we pulled up to the emergency room and I blew chunks at the perfect time so they would take me seriously, as I sat there in Dev's clothes. Now I only wear dev's clothes because they are more comfy, nothin sexual you dirty minds! But back to my story. . . They took me back stuck an IV in me, filled me with drugs, took a picture of my insides with one of those baby picture things, and sent me home. I have a case called Gastritous. No joke friends! It's a legitimate disease, and yes it fits my boot REAL well! If you know me really good you understand completely. The next day I ran to the mall spent $100 and called it a trip! :D